Forsyth TIF District Boundary Map
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Available Incentives

The Village of Forsyth offers two primary incentive programs that help drive and enhance business growth throughout the community. Forsyth utilizes a newly created TIF District, as well as the Macon County Enterprise Zone. Both programs offers assistance to help alleviate the initial cost of new or additional developments. 

Forsyth TIF District

In early 2018, the Village of Forsyth established a TIF District that encompasses a majority of the commercial property in Forsyth. The TIF is used to help fund a variety of different projects. In short, the TIF District's revenues ("tax increment") come from the increased assessed value of property and improvements that occur within the District.  Those revenues are then used to reimburse certain eligible project expenses to the developer. Below are some examples of TIF Eligible Expenses: 

  • Cost of Marketing Sites
  • Land Acquisition, Site Preparation, Demolition Costs
  • Construction of Public Works or Improvements (Sidewalks, Streets, Water/Sewer, Etc.)

For additional eligible costs and information on TIF, see the links below.   

How TIF Works

TIF Application

Commercial Revitalization TIF Grant Program  

Macon County Enterprise Zone

The Decatur & Macon County Enterprise Zone is administered by the Decatur Economic Development Corporation. The Enterprise Zone offers multiple state and local incentives. Designated Enterprise Zone Projects may be eligible for incentives from the state that are customized to meet the unique needs of the business, including tax credits related to employment activity. Projects may also include local property tax abatement.  

Click HERE to see if a property is included in the Enterprise Zone

To download a copy of the Enterprise Zone Process guide, click HERE

Sales Tax Exemptions

Sales tax exemptions on construction materials may be available for eligible projects located within the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone.  Approval for the exemption is granted by the EDC Enterprise Zone Administrator after submission of the certification form below and documented construction material cost.  All forms must be completed in full and must be accompanied by an approved building permit issued by the Village of Forsyth and payment of applicable fees.

Project Application for Sales Tax Exemption

Contractor Application

Forsyth Building Permit