Signing Up For Service & Terminating 

New customers who need to sign up for water and sewer service should fill out the application below and email it to Kim Taylor at or bring it to Village Hall. The application must be completed and submitted before water service can begin. Once the form has been completed and processed, water service will begin on the customer's preferred date. 

Water & Sewer Application 

To terminate water service, please contact Village Hall at (217) 877-9445 and specify the date of service termination. Upon termination, the customer's last bill will be forwarded to the new address. The last bill cannot be paid by Direct Debit, however, a check, cash or online payment is acceptable.  

Billing & Payment


Water/Sewer bills are mailed to residents and businesses by the 1st of each month.  Bills are prepared in a two part form: we ask that you return the bottom portion with your payment and keep the top portion of the bill for your records. This assists us with processing your payment quicker.  


Customers may pay their utility bills by using one of the following options: 

  • Mailed directly to Village Hall at 301 South Route 51, Forsyth, Illinois 62535. 
  • In person at Village Hall with check or cash only. 
  • Drop Box located on the north exterior wall of Village Hall (not the retired flag box). 
  • Direct Debit - Payment will be taken on the 20th of each month from your checking or savings account. Please complete the form and submit it to or bring it by Village Hall. 
  • Online Payment - Click the link and follow the directions to submit your payment online. You may need to create an account. 

Payments are due by 5:00 PM on the 20th of each month.  Any payment received after that time will be considered late and the Village will assess a 10% penalty.  In the event a customer is 40 days late in making a payment, water will be turned off until adequate payment is received. If water is shut off, there is an additional turn on fee of $50 during business hours or $100 outside of normal business hours.

Water Usage Concerns

Occasionally, the Village receives questions from residents concerning “higher-than-normal” bills. This may be due to a misread of your meter. However, far more often it is indicative of a plumbing issue. Before contacting Village Hall, consider checking your property for the various water leaking issues listed below. If it's an emergency, please contact your preferred plumber.  

  • Toilet running or tank valve not sealing properly
  • Water heater or water softener filling or leaking
  • Dripping indoor/outdoor faucets
  • Relief valve on water heater open or seeping
  • Washer or dishwasher feed valve open or seeping
  • Hose in yard turned on or leaking
  • Leaking irrigation system
  • Leaking pipes or pipe fittings in house 
  • Swimming pool, fish pond, fountain, etc.